Shovel - scarabs and scarab coins.
Exori hur/con - now exh is 2s.

More training rooms.

Added basic respawn map, and fixed guide on begginersguide for first svar weapon.

1) Goblins, Cyclops
2) Amazon camp
3) Skeletons, Vamp hell, Necro
3) Giant spiders
5) Cyclops, Stone golems, Dragons, Dragon lords.
6) Cyclops
7) Rotworms, Carrion worms
8) Bonebeasts, Lich
9) Mummys, Crypt shamblers, bonebeasts, Liches
10) Rotworms
11) Dwarfs
12) Slimes
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Launch date:
11.12, Saturday AT 18:00 CET

DevlandOT informations:

DevlandOT is a non-profit project, 100% free to play which is a mid-rate RPG server created in cooperation with players for the Tibia Client 8.0. This is a server for RPG players, but also for PVP players who seek for a PK fun.

Our vision and goal is to recreate the old good days of this game and provide a stable and long-term server built on our beloved & unique Karmia's map.

100% free to play8.0 mechanics & exhaust
Stackable runes & mfsShared hunting
Custom RPG questsMonsters from newer Tibia
Advanced TasksDaily Tasks
Cast system (5% more exp)Guild war system

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Credits: Erickso (initial bootstrap design) & Znote AAC (engine)