A quick update on our work bef 30 January 2021 (06:01)
As we all know, we have a few tasks to do before the launch of the new edition of Devland. We are also aware that further work will be inevitable after a new start.

Here is the list we are currently working on:

Retro Quest (20% complete)

The quest will be located in the Karmia sewers and will consist of 5 parts. The photo below is a preview of the first part for low levels, the difficulty level will increase with each subsequent part.

New Quest in Roantah (90% complete)

A task for a few daredevils who will go underground in Roantah to face the many traps that await them on their way to the prize.

Ferumbras Tower Access (80% complete)

A unique and nice way to access Ferumbras Island.

Custom Hero Fortress & few other new TH spots

What can I say, we want to improve team hunting spots.

Stay tuned

- DevlandOT Team

Posted by GOD Simple
Winter Season is coming! 06 November 2020 (01:19)
Dear players,

We're back to work and starting to get ready for the upcoming winter season with a few updates and changes.

Until then, the rates (exp & skills) had been raised due to many requests from our community.

Keep your eyes on both site & discord to be up to date with everything.

If you new or OG, don't hestitate to leave your suggestions and ideas in our Discord server to make upcoming season even better.

Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
Server is back and running! 30 June 2020 (18:42)
Dear Players,

We have successfully switched to a new and better server. Everything went smoothly so you can continue to enjoy your adventure on the DevlandOT.

If you was using Classic Tibia client to play on DevlandOT, there is nothing you need to do, simply log in as before.

If you was using our OTclient to play on DevlandOT, please re-download client HERE.

Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
Dear Players,

Tomorrow we will have maintenance due to migration to different server.

- DevlandOT will be offline for few hours
- We will prepare new OTClient with new IP address

More informations tomorrow.

Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
Dear Players,

Last time I didn't have enough time to write about previous path notes and I am very sorry about that.

But you can always follow our changelog, which I try to keep up to date. Below changes from past few days:

  • Several map bug fixes
  • Training ground update
  • Added Swamp Island on Roantah
  • Added Undead Island (req. key to doors from quest)
  • Improved few spawns on several hunting areas
  • Fixed Grizzly Adams monster count in party
  • Fixed Bellegar bug with exp/loot vouchers
  • Increased prices for all boost point vouchers
  • Better loot voucher boost handling
  • Add soul, stamina and boost points vouchers
  • Adjusted loot and/or damages in several monsters (hydra, black knight, vampire, serpent spawn, frost dragons, warlock, demon)
  • Fixed loot from bosses which had bag
  • Reverted penalty at Training ground to -50%
  • Fixed access to Demon Island
  • Fixed chests with Tier 3 Arena Weapons
Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
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