DevlandOT 2nd Edition Launch date: 05.06, Friday AT 18:00 CET

Saturday Patch Notes 09 May 2020 (19:57)
Dear Players,

Below few changes which we was able to do since last patch note.

  • Relocated Pits of Inferno enterance to PoH, Karmia
  • Renamed Venore to Shiria
  • Shiria town rework
  • Enlarged continent of Karmia which now connects with Shiria and opens lots of space for new content
  • Renamed NPC Boost Points to NPC Bellegar
  • Changed prices for vouchers at NPC Bellegar
  • Added more monster to Boost Points system
  • Fixed all Addon NPCs & improved interactions
  • Fixed destination in NPC Mord & Nergalus (behemoth island)
  • Fixed destination in NPC Polon & Morlan (demon island)
  • Sorted existing Raids
  • Added Morgaroth raid (demon island)
  • Added Demodras raid (inferna)
  • Added missing boss raids on Pits of Inferno
  • Reverted few changes
Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
Thursday Patch Notes 07 May 2020 (16:17)
Dear Players,

We are getting closer to the start of the second edition of DevlandOT. In the coming days you can expect official information on the start.

Below is another package of changes we have been working on in recent days.

  • Added page with addondolls description
  • Updated page with daily tasks
  • Added new areas
  • Few reported fixes
  • Added custom desert quest
  • Added undergrands with dragons on Inferna
  • Removed items from newer tibia from Hellfire Fighter
  • Removed items from newer tibia from Black Knight
  • Reduced drop chance on multiple items in Black Knight
  • Added 4 tiered addon dolls
  • Added exp voucher and loot voucher as an item to NPC Boost Points
  • Added addon voucher as an item to NPC Boost Points
  • Added !expvoucher & !lootvoucher talkaction to check remaining time
  • Fix aleta grav on closed door
  • (Core) Notify monsters that summon appears
  • Daily Task system improvements
  • Disabled Auto Task system
  • Configurable RetroExhausts for 8.0
  • Minor Paralyze fix
  • Multiple major & minor fixes
  • Multiple improvements
Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
Friday Patch Notes 02 May 2020 (00:33)
Dear Players,

Small friday update, list of changes below.

  • Improved Monster Loot page in DevlandOT Wiki
  • Fixed few incorrect informations in Spells page
  • Implemented new PvP Arena System
  • Hatchet is now sellabe for 25g each at NPC Soya
  • Increased price for Promotion from 10000 to 20000gp at NPC King Tibianus
  • Increased price for poison field rune from 21 to 60g
  • Increased price for light magic missile rune from 4 to 40g
  • Decreased price for intense healing rune from 100 to 95g
  • Increased price for fireball rune from 50 to 95g
  • Increased price for destroy field rune from 15 to 45g
  • Increased price for energy field rune from 38 to 115g
  • Increased price for disintegrate rune from 26 to 80g
  • Added missing envenom rune to NPC Xodet for 130g
  • Increased price for great fireball rune from 105 to 180g
  • Increased price for ultimate healing rune from 155 to 175g
  • Increased price for heavy magic missile rune from 12 to 125g
  • Increased price for poison bomb rune from 85 to 170g
  • Increased price for firebomb rune from 147 to 350g
  • Increased price for soulfire rune from 46 to 210g
  • Increased price for poison wall rune from 52 to 210g
  • Increased price for explosion rune from 31 to 250g
  • Increased price for magic wall rune from 116 to 350g
  • Increased price for fire wall rune from 61 to 245g
  • Increased price for energy bomb rune from 203 to 325g
  • Increased price for energy wall rune from 85 to 340g
  • Increased price for sudden death rune from 250 to 325g
  • Increased price for wild growth rune from 160 to 400g
  • Paralyze fixes (handles targeted runes which inflicts pz lock)
Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
Thursday Patch Notes 30 April 2020 (01:23)
Dear Players,

As many of you know, we are lately working heavily to prepare DevlandOT for 2nd edition, which we plan to make as a long-term, with lower rates and much deeper RPG feeling.

Around past two weeks were very busy for whole DevlandOT Team, we set bar very high which ended up with a lot of work. Below list of changes which we did by now.

  • DevlandOT Wiki (pre-release)
  • Reorganized navigation
  • Added new Daily Task system to wiki
  • Code optimization
  • Added unique Captains on each ship in every town / location
  • Renamed Premmy Island to Roantah
  • Relocated Roantah to different place
  • Reworked Roantah town
  • Added Roantah undergrounds
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Fixed PoI shortcut
  • Added PvP Arena at Karmia's Temple
  • Karmia town improvements
  • Karmia undergrounds improvements
  • Relocated NPC Boost Points in Karmia, now it can be found above NPC Iwan at +1
  • Added new Training Area
  • Fixed UE area ( MS & ED )
  • Fixed Fire wave area
  • Fixed Energy Beam & Great Energy Beam effect
  • Fixed Undead Legion spell
  • Fixed PoI levers
  • Improved Annihilator quest
  • Removed unused files (optimization & cleaning)
  • Added function onUse to Ceremonial Ankh, which checks blesses
  • Added Stages to Magic Level
  • Added Stages to Skills
  • Added function which reduce skill rates at Training Monks
  • Added new Daily Task system
  • Minor protection zone lock fix
  • Walkthrough removal
  • Added missing character bans for excessive killing on rs
  • Added teleportPlayerSummons & teleportAllSummons
  • Implemented fix for Container::queryMaxCount() bug
  • Implemented fix for Auto stack
  • Implemented fix for House AccessList: drop support for regular expressions
Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
Big update on the way 24 April 2020 (17:40)
Dear Players,

Since past couple of days we were heavily working on reworking multiple things which we wasn't proud of or which were blocking us from area expansion.

What is being prepared?
  • Premmy Island relocation
  • Premmy Town rework
  • Premmy undergrounds
  • New Karmia area placed at north-east side of island
  • Multiple fixes & adjustments
  • Multiple map fixes
  • DevlandOT Wiki
  • Daily / Weekly tasks
  • New Classic Client & OTClient
  • and more...
Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
Posted by GOD Simple
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