[#34] 30 January 2021 (06:01) by GOD Simple- A quick update on our work bef
As we all know, we have a few tasks to do before the launch of the new edition of Devland. We are also aware that further work will be inevitable after a new start.

Here is the list we are currently working on:

Retro Quest (20% complete)

The quest will be located in the Karmia sewers and will consist of 5 parts. The photo below is a preview of the first part for low levels, the difficulty level will increase with each subsequent part.

New Quest in Roantah (90% complete)

A task for a few daredevils who will go underground in Roantah to face the many traps that await them on their way to the prize.

Ferumbras Tower Access (80% complete)

A unique and nice way to access Ferumbras Island.

Custom Hero Fortress & few other new TH spots

What can I say, we want to improve team hunting spots.

Stay tuned

- DevlandOT Team

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