[#26] 01 June 2020 (15:17) by GOD Simple- Patch notes
Dear Players,

Below are the missing changes from May 22 that have been made and are important for the second edition.

  • Fixed styling in guilds
  • Fixed styling in guild wars
  • Adjusted styling on main page
  • Added Cast System page
  • Added NPC List page to WIKI
  • Multiple reported bug fixes
  • Multiple area improvements (spawns, details etc)
  • Extended western part of the Karmia town
  • Roantah fixes (teleports, levers etc)
  • Added missing NPCs on map (part 1/2)
  • Implemented new Task system (Grizzly Adams)
  • 5% Expierence boost for cast without password
  • Added multiple missing items to NPC Soya
  • Task system (Grizzly Adams) improvements & fixes
  • Multiple reported bug fixes
  • OTClient with cam system (no public release yet)
  • Cast system implementation
  • Stats system implementation
  • Otservlist max MC online count
  • Crash server save protection
  • Ping system re-implementation
  • Code optimizations
  • Monsters A.I.
  • DLL Injection report and banishment for OTC
Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team
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