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[#8] 21 March 2020 (16:40) by GOD simple - Saturday changes

Dear Players,

We are aware that not everyone is following our changelog, that's why we decided to make news too, to keep you informed with everything that has place on DevlandOT.

Today's changes include the website and server:

  • Increased maxMessageBuffer from 4 to 15
  • Decreased rateSpawn from 2 to 1
  • Fixed buy / sell of white and black pearl at NPC Iwan
  • NPC Iwan now also buys Scarab coins for 100g each
  • Fixed sellabe rings at NPC Iwan
  • Adjusted minor Fireball rune bug
  • Added 7 new tasks (Demon skeletons, Dwarfs, Vampires, Bonebeasts, Minotaurs, Black Knights, Giant Spiders)

Stay tuned,
- DevlandOT Team

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