Cast System

How to view a cast?

  • Unprotected Cast
    Leave both the account name and password empty when you are logging in.
  • Protected Cast
    If the cast has a password then simply get the password from the caster and enter the game with just the password for the cast.

Available commands for spectators and streamers

Command Description
Ctrl + Arrows Walking through casts
/show Display the amount of currently active spectators
/name Change your name on chat with player and other spectators
Command Description
!cast help Show all commands
!cast on Enables the stream
!cast off Disables the stream
!cast on password Sets a password on the stream
!cast list Displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators
!cast mute/unmute Mutes selected spectator from chat
!cast ban/unban Locks spectator IP from joining your stream
!cast kick Kick a spectator from your stream
!cast desc Sets your stream description

Bonus of 5% EXPERIENCE

  • Use !cast on command without a password and earn 5% more experience!

Live Casts

Currently there are no active casts on DevlandOT!

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