= Friday, January 29 2021 =

[Map] - New entrance to sewers and crypts, directly from the Karmia Temple - Added a tower on the west side of Karmia City that connects the crypts and Cyclops Mountain - 1 of 5 Retro Quest parts have been added

= Thursday, January 28 2021 =

[Client] - Fixed Classic Tibia Client connection

= Tuesday, November 17 2020 =

[Map] - Added new access quest for Ferumbras Tower at Goroma [Server] - Fixed drowning script - Fixed Helmet of the Deep - Movements.xml cleanup [Client] - Fixed Classic Tibia Client connection

= Thursday, June 25 2020 =

[Map] - Several map bug fixes - Training ground update - Added Swamp Island on Roantah - Added Undead Island (req. key to doors from quest) - Improved few spawns on several hunting areas [Server] - Fixed Grizzly Adams monster count in party - Fixed Bellegar bug with exp/loot vouchers - Increased prices for all boost point vouchers - Better loot voucher boost handling - Add soul, stamina and boost points vouchers - Adjusted loot and/or damages in several monsters (hydra, black knight, vampire, serpent spawn, frost dragons, warlock, demon) - Fixed loot from bosses which had bag - Reverted penalty at Training ground to -50% - Fixed access to Demon Island - Fixed chests with Tier 3 Arena Weapons

= Sunday, June 21 2020 =

[Website] - Updated Boost Point System page (wiki) - Improved Beginner's Guide page (wiki) - Improved Cast System page - Minor updates in Daily Task page (wiki) - Added "more info" near Regeneration (server info) [Map] - Several Map fixes & updates - Goroma re-work - Training ground re-work [Server] - Improved several NPC dialogs - Updated daily tasks to match with website - Added missing travel NPC on Banuta at Tiquanda - Included more monsters into Boost Point system - Monster adjustments (warlock, bonebeast, wyrm, bog raiders, necromancer, ancient scarab, hydra, vampire, serpent spawn, dragon, dragon lord, frost dragon) - Increased conjuring for Ultimate Healing Rune & Sudden Death Rune from 2 to 3 - Added more realistic formula to following runes: SD, GFB, FB, LMM & HMM - Fixed vocation hp/mp ticks - Fixed Soft Boots regeneration - Reduced penalty at Training ground from -50% to -25% [Engine] - Major stacking fix - Energy textcolor change

= Sunday, June 14 2020 =

[Website] - Updated world preview page (wiki) [Map] - Map fixes [Server] - Added missing NPC Galron at Dwarfs cave - Fixed overpriced runes at NPC Xodet

= Thursday, June 12 2020 =

[Website] - Updated downloads page - Updated rules in register page - Added initial begginers guide [Map] - Extended western part of the Roantah town - Added missing NPCs on map (part 2/2) [Server] - Added 4 new monsters (Dragon Hatchling, Dragon Lord Hatchling, Cyclops Drone & Cyclops Smith) - Added two new options to Grizzly (active tasks & cancel tasks) [Client] - Classic layout implementation - RSA key implementation - Added all retro outfits [Engine] - RSA key implementation

= Friday, May 22 2020 =

[Website] - Fixed styling in guilds - Fixed styling in guild wars - Adjusted styling on main page - Added Cast System page - Added NPC List page to WIKI [Map] - Multiple reported bug fixes - Multiple area improvements (spawns, details etc) - Extended western part of the Karmia town - Roantah fixes (teleports, levers etc) - Added missing NPCs on map (part 1/2) [Server] - Implemented new Task system (Grizzly Adams) - 5% Expierence boost for cast without password - Added multiple missing items to NPC Soya - Task system (Grizzly Adams) improvements & fixes - Multiple reported bug fixes [Client] - OTClient with cam system (no public release yet) [Engine] - Cast system implementation - Stats system implementation - Otservlist max MC online count - Crash server save protection - Ping system re-implementation - Support for both clients (classic 8.0 & otc) - Code optimizations - Monsters A.I. - DLL Injection report and banishment for OTC

= Saturday, May 9 2020 =

[Map] - Relocated Pits of Inferno enterance to PoH, Karmia - Renamed Venore to Shiria - Shiria town rework - Enlarged continent of Karmia which now connects with Shiria and opens lots of space for new content [Server] - Renamed NPC Boost Points to NPC Bellegar - Changed prices for vouchers at NPC Bellegar - Added more monster to Boost Points system - Fixed all Addon NPCs & improved interactions - Fixed destination in NPC Mord & Nergalus (behemoth island) - Fixed destination in NPC Polon & Morlan (demon island) - Sorted existing Raids - Added Morgaroth raid (demon island) - Added Demodras raid (inferna) - Added missing boss raids on Pits of Inferno [Engine] - Reverted few changes

= Thursday, May 7 2020 =

[Website] - Added page with addondolls description - Updated page with daily tasks [Map] - Added new areas - Few reported fixes - Added custom desert quest - Added undergrands with dragons on Inferna [Server] - Removed items from newer tibia from Hellfire Fighter - Removed items from newer tibia from Black Knight - Reduced drop chance on multiple items in Black Knight - Added 4 tiered addon dolls - Added exp voucher and loot voucher as an item to NPC Boost Points - Added addon voucher as an item to NPC Boost Points - Added !expvoucher & !lootvoucher talkaction to check remaining time - Fix aleta grav on closed door - (Core) Notify monsters that summon appears - Daily Task system improvements - Disabled Auto Task system [Engine] - Configurable RetroExhausts for 8.0 - Minor Paralyze fix - Multiple major & minor fixes - Multiple improvements

= Friday, May 1 2020 =

[Website] - Improved Monster Loot page in DevlandOT Wiki - Fixed few incorrect informations in Spells page [Server] - Implemented new PvP Arena System - Hatchet is now sellabe for 25g each at NPC Soya - Increased price for Promotion from 10000 to 20000gp at NPC King Tibianus - Increased price for poison field rune from 21 to 60g - Increased price for light magic missile rune from 4 to 40g - Decreased price for intense healing rune from 100 to 95g - Increased price for fireball rune from 50 to 95g - Increased price for destroy field rune from 15 to 45g - Increased price for energy field rune from 38 to 115g - Increased price for disintegrate rune from 26 to 80g - Added missing envenom rune to NPC Xodet for 130g - Increased price for great fireball rune from 105 to 180g - Increased price for ultimate healing rune from 155 to 175g - Increased price for heavy magic missile rune from 12 to 125g - Increased price for poison bomb rune from 85 to 170g - Increased price for firebomb rune from 147 to 350g - Increased price for soulfire rune from 46 to 210g - Increased price for poison wall rune from 52 to 210g - Increased price for explosion rune from 31 to 250g - Increased price for magic wall rune from 116 to 350g - Increased price for fire wall rune from 61 to 245g - Increased price for energy bomb rune from 203 to 325g - Increased price for energy wall rune from 85 to 340g - Increased price for sudden death rune from 250 to 325g - Increased price for wild growth rune from 160 to 400g [Engine] - Paralyze fixes (handles targeted runes which inflicts pz lock)

= Thursday, April 30 2020 =

[Website] - DevlandOT Wiki (pre-release) - Reorganized navigation - Added new Daily Task system to wiki - Code optimization [Map] - Added unique Captains on each ship in every town / location - Renamed Premmy Island to Roantah - Relocated Roantah to different place - Reworked Roantah town - Added Roantah undergrounds - Minor bug fixes - Fixed PoI shortcut - Added PvP Arena at Karmia's Temple - Karmia town improvements - Karmia undergrounds improvements - Relocated NPC Boost Points in Karmia, now it can be found above NPC Iwan at +1 - Added new Training Area [Server] - Fixed UE area ( MS & ED ) - Fixed Fire wave area - Fixed Energy Beam & Great Energy Beam effect - Fixed Undead Legion spell - Fixed PoI levers - Improved Annihilator quest - Removed unused files (optimization & cleaning) - Added function onUse to Ceremonial Ankh, which checks blesses - Added Stages to Magic Level - Added Stages to Skills - Added function which reduce skill rates at Training Monks - Added new Daily Task system [Engine] - Minor protection zone lock fix - Walkthrough removal - Added missing character bans for excessive killing on rs - Added teleportPlayerSummons & teleportAllSummons - Implemented fix for Container::queryMaxCount() bug - Implemented fix for Auto stack - Implemented fix for House AccessList: drop support for regular expressions

= Friday, April 17 2020 =

[Website] - Reworked Spells page + added missing druid spell (Poison Wave) - Added missing favicon - Added Boost Point System page - Adjusted styling in Items page - Reworked Login / Register widget - Adjusted styles is multiple forms - Reworked Registration page [Map] - Fixed Quest with corpses under Karmia - Fixed multiple spawn duration - Fixed all temple teleports - Fixed town ids - Multiple reported bug fixes [Server] - Fixed minor bug with Cancel Invisibility (exana ina) spell - Fixed minor bug with selling Guardian Halberd at NPC Soya - Added Boost Point System - Added NPC Boost Point at Karmia (Depo +1) - Minor bug fixes in multiple scripts

= Monday, April 13 2020 =

[Website] - Adjusted styling after character creation - Adjusted styling of the changepassword page - Adjusted styling of the myaccount page - Adjusted styling of the settings page - Updated task page [Map] - Karmia temple rework - Inferna improvements - Bug fixes [Server] - Pair of earmuffs is now sellabe for 25000gp each at NPC Soya - Shard is now sellabe for 8000gp each at NPC Ragnar - Adjusted Life Ring - Adjusted Ring of Healing - Improved Light healing formula - Fixed Fierce Berserk exhaustion - All wands & rods have a 3 sqm range - Improved Casino quest - Reworked existing tasks + added 19 new tasks - Re-enabled Raids - Increased Soul gain from 1 to 2 per tick

= Sunday, April 12 2020 =

[Client] - Fixed missing stackable runes - Added new background * note that this changes require to download a new client to avoid issues, debugs etc. [Website] - Fixed allowed account number value - Adjusted registration page - Pages rework part 2 [Map] - Inferna rework - Multiple bug fixes [Server] - Fixed white skull duration - Fixed time to decrease frags - Fixed skullcracker armor drop from Grim Reaper - Added +40 speed to Patched boots - Reversed changes in !kills / !frags talkaction - Fixed concentrated demonic blood transformation - Fixed Annihilator positions - Increased assassin star price from 100 to 200g - Fixed Casino Quest in Karmia

= Thursday, April 9 2020 =

[Webiste] - Migration to Bootstrap layout - Layout redesign - Minor fix with account registration after migration - Minor visual fix in creating character process - Pages rework part 1 [Map] - Fixed Banshee quest - Added Casino in Karmia, Temple -1 (mini quest req for access) - Added new area in Karmia, on the east side of island (new quest is being under development in this place) - Added Black Knight hunting area at BK quest - Added new quest at new Black Knight hunting area - Fixed multiple reported places - Rework Amazon Camp undergrounds near Karmia - Added multiple new mailboxes [Server] - (npc) Orb is now sellabe for 750g each at NPC Iwan - (npc) Talon is now sellabe for 320g each at NPC Iwan - (npc) NPC Kashmir now sells furniture items in addition to the first and second citizen addon - (script) Adjusted Construction kits - (monster) Increased Bast Skirt loot rate from Dworc Venomsniper - (npc) Hydra egg is now sellabe for 500g each at NPC Soya - (spell) Exeta res exhaust adjustments - (npc) Removed infernal bolts from NPC Ashan - (item) Increased infernal bolt attack from 42 to 72 & required level from 70 to 110 - Fixed field runes purchase at NPC Xodet - (npc) Added new NPC Piter old gambler (casino quest) - (npc) Added new NPC Ekhan (casino quest) - (monster) Fixed Paladin Armor drop from Bog Raider

= Tuesday, March 31 2020 =

[Server] - (npc) Fixed Crystal ring ID at NPC Iwan - (npc) Golden Mug is now sellabe for 250g each at NPC Iwan - (quest) Changed Annihilator reward from Thunder Hammer to Demonbone - (spell) Fixed Utamo vita which can be now used by Paladins - (monster) Improved Bog Raider loot - small increase on few drop rates + added 3 new items: quagmire rod, life crystal & green piece of cloth - (npc) Sapphire amulet is now sellabe for 1500g each at NPC Iwan - (npc) Red Tunic is now sellabe for 3000g each at NPC Soya - (monster) Improved Wyrm loot - small increase on few drop rates + added 4 new items: platinum amulet, sapphire amulet, red tunic & elvish bow - (spell) Exeta res exhaust adjustments - (npc) Reduced price for Ultimate Healing Rune from 175 to 155g - (npc) Increased price for Intense Healing Rune from 95 to 100g - (npc) Increased price for Sudden Death Rune from 135 to 250g - (npc) Increased price for Great Fireball Rune from 57 to 105g - (npc) Increased price for Fireball Rune from 30 to 50g - (spell) Added new spell for Druid - Exevo pox hur - (monster) Improved Grim Repeaer loot - added 3 new items: k-legs, k-arm & golden mug - (monster) Improved Bat loot - 2x higher chance for bat wing - (monster) Improved Wolf loot - 2x higher chance for wolf paw - (monster) Improved Dwarf's loot - 3x higher chance for iron ore

= Sunday, March 29 2020 =

[Website] - Content display change in character profile - Added Quest log in character profile - Added Task log in character profile [Map] - Added Crusader Helmet Quest (50+) at Inferna - Added abandoned prison (transition to crypt) at Karmia - Corrections of many reported / found bugs [Server] - Added daily auto restart every 24h at 14:20 UTC+1 - Spell fix, "Utana vid" can be now also used by Paladins - Fixed timer in !kills talkaction - Added !outfit talkaction for guilds - Minor exhaust fix on Healing Runes - Reduced amount of RED / WARNING broadcasts

= Thursday, March 26 2020 =

[Website] - Added new category "Missions/Permissions" in Quest guides - Updated Spells page [Map] - Added new NPC Adnan, more details may be found in Quest guides [Server] - (spells) Most conjuring runes has been doubled - (spells) Reduced SD conjuring from 3 to 2 - (spells) Changed SD spell for "adori vita vis" - (spells) FB can also be conjured by Druids & Paladins - (spells) GFB can also be conjured by Druids - (spells) Changed GFB spell for "adori gran flam" - (spells) LMM can also be conjured by Druids & Paladins - (spells) Changed LMM spell for "adori" - (spells) HMM can also be conjured by Druids & Paladins - (spells) Changed HMM spell for "adori gran" - (spells) Increased IH healing formula - (spells) Food can also be conjured by Paladins - (spells) Added missing conjuring spell "Adana pox" for Cure Poison Rune - (spells) Added missing conjuring spell "Adevo res pox" for Envenom Rune - (spells) Added missing conjuring spell "Adito tera" for Disintegrate Rune - (npc) Increased gambling rates on High / Low from 120 to 180% - (items) Increased Tempest Rod range from 1 to 2 sqm - Exhaused on healing runes has been decreased from 1.9 to 1s

= Wednesday, March 25 2020 =

[Server] - Adjusted Burst arrow formula - Raids has been turned off (temporary for improvements) - Fixed deathLosePercent - Added Stages for skills & mlvl - Fixed Vampire runonhealth - Added Global (Exp/Skill/Magic) Rate Boost talkaction

= Monday, March 23 2020 =

[Website] - Added new page with Towns Guide (part 1) - Added new page with Quests Guide (part 1) - Optimized minor issues - Updated Server informations [Server] - Added globalevent with automated broadcast

= Sunday, March 22 2020 =

[Website] - Updated page with Tasks [Server] - Adjusted & Balanced task rewards and level reqs - Added missing conjuring spell for LMM - adori min vis - Adjusted multiple spell effects - Added 4 new tasks (Bog Raiders, Wyrms, Crystal Spiders, Frost Dragons) - Increased Save interval from 10 minutes to 1 hour

= Saturday, March 21 2020 =

[Website] - Updated page with Tasks - Added page with Autloot description [Server] - Increased maxMessageBuffer from 4 to 15 - Decreased rateSpawn from 2 to 1 - Fixed buy / sell of white and black pearl at NPC Iwan - NPC Iwan now also buys Scarab coins for 100g each - Fixed sellabe rings at NPC Iwan - Adjusted minor Fireball rune bug - Added 7 new tasks (Demon skeletons, Dwarfs, Vampires, Bonebeasts, Minotaurs, Black Knights, Giant Spiders)

= Saturday, December 28 2019 =

[Server] - Reworked Captains "sailers" (fixed destinations, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Merged few different jewelers to use same file - Expanded "tool store" offer and merged few different NPCs to use same file

= Thursday, December 26 2019 =

[Map] - Added teleport at Tiquanda to Turtle Island - Grim Reapers / Fallen tree now is walkable (Anshara) - Amazon Camp / Added new mountain and moved lever (Karmia) - Fixed lots of reported bugs / issues [Server] - Expanded Soya's buyable assortment & moved sellable rings and amulets to NPC Iwan + moved sellable trophies to NPC Samanta - Expanded Iwan's sellable assortment (more rings,amulets, gems, pearls etc) - Reworked NPC Elysia "tools store" (updated sellable and buyable items, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Reworked NPC Samanta "trophy store" (updated sellable items, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Reworked NPC Orlik "post office" (changed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Reworked NPC Uzgod (optimized code, added user-friendly interaction) - Fixed runes weight - Removed incorrect informations from NPC Alice - Reduced poison dagger attack from 18 to 16

= Friday, December 20 2019 =

[Website] - Cosmetic changes in character profile [Server] - Fixed NPC Eremo at Premmy Island - Fixed NPC Cindy "paladins store" - Reduced Ice rapier attack from 100 to 60 - Fixed Ghastly Dragon (canwalkonenergy=0 & canwalkonfire=0) - Adjusted kills talkaction to work with both commands !frags & !kills - Added Trophies to be sellable in Soya shop - Reworked NPC Donald "food store" (updated sellable and buyable items, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Reworked NPC Riona "tools store" (updated sellable and buyable items, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Reworked NPC Iwan "jewelery store" (updated sellable and buyable items, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Adjusted part of monsters which were too weak [Engine] - Depot chest parent fix (Credits to Nekiro) - Move Up Container crash fix (Credits to Nekiro)

= Thursday, December 19 2019 =

[Map] - Added new Tomb at Anshara desert - Added 5 Training rooms for Paladins - New areas at Anshara desert connected with exploring missions [Server] - Added new mission with access to Ferumbras Tower, once mission will be done NPC Zorro will travel you from Goroma - Added new NPC Luffy, which will take travel you back from Ferumbras Tower - Improved NPC Lora (more interaction) - Adjusted 1 deposit for all towns - Lifefluids stackability fix (healing from 60 to 90 HP) - Added 10 missions at Anshara desert, which purpose is to locate places - Added new NPC Adnan which will reward you for exploring Anshara desert locations - Removed rewards on level ups - Fixed roping - Fixed bed visual bug - Reduced gfb formula - Fixed fb rune - Fixed fire wave spell - Removed fire immunity from Ice Golem - Fixed Witch [Engine] - Removed max regeneration on level up - Adjusted lossPercent formula to be constantly = 10

= Wednesday, December 18 2019 =

[Map] - Added new Tomb at Anshara desert [Server] - Added new NPC Fahir which is going to help find hiden hole to new Tomb - Fixed digging holes - Fixed disappearance of holes - Improved NPC Ashan - Improved NPC Xodet - Improved NPC Soya [Engine] - Improved hitChance formula ( Credits to Wirox )

= Tuesday, December 17 2019 =

[Website] - Changelog synced with Discord fixes - Safety improvements [Server] - Reworked NPC Xodet (updated buyable runes, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Reworked NPC Soya (updated sellable items, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction) - Reworked NPC Ashan (updated sellable and buyable items, fixed prices and added user-friendly interaction)

= Monday, December 16 2019 =

[Website] - Removed missing towns in Create Character - Small cosmetic improvements - Changelog synced with Discord

= Sunday, December 15 2019 =

[Map] - Fixed walkable lava at Inferna - Fixed town portals - Added NPC Ashan with assortment for paladins (Anshara) - Added NPC Lora with bags&backpacks (Anshara) - Improved NPC Alice which is selling bless's - Improved NPC Zawisza [Server] - Balanced starting items - Added descriptions to the runes with class, level and magic level requirements [Engine] - Targeting invisible creatures fix

= Tuesday, December 14 2019 =

[Webiste] - Display required levels with classes to specific items - New page Monsters with loot chance - Updated world map with descriptions (soon more detailed version) [Map] - Fixed reported bugs - Added orc caves with two new quests for: Knight Legs & Golden Armor - Added Dwarven quest with multiple missions - Added 3 man quest in vampire chamber - Added NPC Samuel which is helping with quest at Bandit Island (southern part of the city) [Server] - Broadcast command fix - Added !autoloot command - Auto task system (Credits to Danger II from Otland) - Removed +50% exp bonus for green stamina - Starting items have been changed for all classes + Sorcerer/Druid eq: wooden shield, wand of vortex/snakebit rod, jacket, leather helmet, leather legs, leather boots bp: rope, shovel, 10x white mushrooms, spellbook + Paladin eq: brass shield, 10x spear, studded helmet, studded armor, studded legs, leather boots bp: rope, shovel, 10x white mushrooms + Knight eq: plate shield, longsword, brass helmet, studded armor, studded legs, leather boots bp: rope, shovel, 10x white mushrooms, iron hammer, daramian axe [Engine] - Auto loot system (Credits to Nekiro from Otland)

= Tuesday, December 10 2019 =

[Webiste] - Items.php display fixes & improvements - Items.php display rework + added item sorting [Map] - New areas & quests - More reported fixes (levers, quests, chests etc) [Server] - Fixed POI levers which are removing firewalls - Fixed Herocave levers which are unlocking new path - Infernal Bolt attack reduced from 72 to 42 & level req reduced from 110 to 70 - Removed +1 magic level attribute from Hat of the Mad - Removed absorbPercentPhysical attribute from Dwarven helmet/Armor/Legs - Removed shield & defence=14 attribute from Spellbook - Removed +1 distance attribute from Amazon Armor [Engine] - Sleeping in beds fix - Visual health bug on levelup fix

= Sunday, December 08 2019 =

[Webiste] - Bunch of cosmetic improvements [Map] - Fixed bunch of issues that has been reported (holes, covers, borders, teleports etc) - Karmia POH / Added new area - undead cave (pick hole) [Server] - actions.lua & actions.xml fixes part 1 [Engine] - getItemTypeCount fix - Adjusted monster logic

= Saturday, December 07 2019 =

[Website] - Adjustment majority of tables to use same styles and classes - Adjusted Items page to display proper stuff for 8.0 client - Adjusted Spells page to display proper stuff for 8.0 client - Output easy-to-read numbers in character profile exp history [Server] - Spellbook fix - Optimized function Player:conjureItem which was cousing debug on rune making - Adjusted All Spells to TFS 1.3 & 8.0 Tibia

= Friday, December 06 2019 =

[Website] - Output easy-to-read numbers in Powergamers mainpage widget

= Thursday, December 05 2019 =

[Server] - Reduced stairJumpExhaustion from 2000 to 0 - Changed "false" to "true" in classicEquipmentSlots & classicAttackSpeed - Adjusted maxPacketsPerSecond - Added missing function Player:conjureItem to spells.lua - Function optimization in levitate.lua [Engine] - Monster/player walking adjustment & Vip code leftovers removal after downgrade

= Wednesday, December 04 2019 =

[Webiste] - Added World Map v1 [Map] - Premmy island hero cave rework v2

= Tuesday, December 03 2019 =

[Webiste] - Added new logo - Added Redskull display in character profile - Support display fix - Downloads page update - Fixed table in toponline.php - Added exp history in character profile

= Monday, December 02 2019 =

[Map] - Premmy island hero cave rework [Server] - Spells fix (setCondition to addCondition) - Levitate spell fix [Engine] - Parcel system fixed

= Saturday, November 30 2019 =

[Website] - New widgets + links reorganization [Map] - Spawn, NPC & House fixes

= Friday, November 29 2019 =

[Website] - Multiple improvements, changes and fixes [Server] - Added !share command - Fixed Eva NPC - Fixed monster loot [Engine] - Fixed walkthrough debug - Fixed exhaused on spells
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