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This is only a fraction of all the quests on DevlandOT. This subpage is being updated on a regular basis. You can expect more content in next couple of days.


NPC | Level Map Rewards
Adnan 10 000 xp.
Permission Access to the land of orcs


City Map Name Req. Level Rewards
Karmia Amazon Tower. 1+
Karmia little gift. 1+
Venore Rob the Elf. 1+
Karmia Small plate adventure. 10
Karmia Tarantula in the room. 15 5x
Bandit Island Where's mine chest? 16
Bandit Island Missing fang. 20
Premmy Island (+1) ring on the top. 20
Karmia Road to dragons. 25
Bandit Island. Samuel memories. 30 Hard-Complicated 40x
Premmy Island Arachnophobia 35 Complicated 10x 1/5 Dwarven invasion
Karmia Someone will die here. 35
Karmia Black Knight Hall. 50
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