Server Information

What is DevlandOT?

DevlandOT is a 100% non-profit, mid-rate RPG server created in cooperation with players for the Tibia Client 8.0. This is a server for RPG players, but also for PVP players who seek for a PK fun.

Our vision and goal is to recreate the old good days of this game and provide a stable and long-term server built on our beloved & unique Karmia's map.

Useful links: Beginner's Guid | DevlandOT Wiki | Player commands

Experience stages
7 20 6x
21 40 5x
41 60 4x
61 80 3x
81 2x
Game Configuration
Skill 4x (More info)
Magic 2x (More info)
Loot 2x
Regeneration 2x (More info)
Soul ticks 2x
PvP information
World type pvp
Protection level 20
Kills to red skull 3
Kills to ban 6
Time to decrease frags 12 hours
White skull duration 15 min
PZ lock 1 minute
Misc information
Free premium Yes
House rent period never
House SQM price 1000 gp
AFK kickout 15 minutes
Stamina system Yes

Gameplay information

  • 100% free to play
  • 8.0 mechanics & exhaust
  • Stackable runes & mfs
  • Shared hunting
  • Custom RPG quests
  • Monsters from newer Tibia
  • Advanced Tasks
  • Daily Tasks
  • Cast system (5% more exp)
  • Guild war system
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Credits: Erickso (initial bootstrap design) & Znote AAC (engine)