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Beginner's Guide is for new players which often struggle with basics like:

  • How do I start?
  • Where is NPC x,y,z?
  • Where can I hunt?
  • Where can I take tasks?
  • etc...
In this short guide we will try to answer these and many other questions. And at the same time direct where to do what to do pleasantly pass the initial game period

We are not gonna split this guide between vocations, because on the very beginning your vocation doesn't matter that much.

Basics you need to know

In this page you will find all necessary informations about each NPC in each DevlandOT town. In this page you will find whole DevlandOT world preview. Very useful subpage which will help you with each NPC buy or sell offer. Tasks, Daily tasks and Boost points are also huge part of gameplay on DevlandOT so make sure to check it!

Let's start the game

First thing you will see after going up on stairs will be teleport to trainers. For your information, our training room has reduced skill rate by 50% but at any other place you will get 100%. Thats made to avoid full afk getting big skills, while you can skill on monk with friends or slims.

If you decided to get few skills before or not, your next stop should be visitation at NPC Grizzly Adams to take your first tasks.
At the beginning we recommend to take following tasks (max 3):

  • Karmia sewers (1k gold & 3k exp)
  • Rotworms (3k gold & 3k exp)
  • Skeletons'n'Ghouls (4k gold & 4k exp)
At the same time while you will be doing Rotworms or Ghouls, you will also be doing Daily tasks which will give you additional rewards.

  • Karmia sewers - Black path
  • Rotworms - Light blue path
  • Skeletons'n'Ghouls - Dark blue path

Once you finish your first 3 tasks, you should be around 15-20 level which gives you option to choose more demanding taks. For example:

  • Amazons (4k gold & 4k exp) White path
  • Valkyries (5k gold & 5k exp) White path
  • Cyclops (5k gold & 8k exp) Black path

After finishing everything above you should be able to buy promotion at NPC King Tibianus

Before or after promotion, you can go with your friends (4 vocations are needed) and do Desert Quest at Anshara.

If you are Knight, you can go with your friends and do Quest for Tier 1 weapons known from Svargrong Arena at Karmia's Amazon Camp.

  • At Pink circle you will find hint
  • In one of Black circles you will find what you are gonna be looking for

After finishing first part of this quest, you will have access to the bridge near Pink circle

Once you cross bridge you will need to find NPC Tariel which will guide you trough second part of Tier 1 weapon quest.

Additionaly in the middle of Tasks, Daily Tasks or Quests you can do Exploring quest which is super easy and will help you know DevlandOT map better.

You will be awarded with Brass set & Storage

  • Karmia - 3 spots to find
  • Roantah - 3 spots to find
  • Inferna - 2 spots to find
  • Shiria - 2 spots to find

Useful tips

End of story

Congratulations! You passed the initial stage of the game.

Now it's time for exploring by your own. For the end of this "Beginner's Guide" we recommend checking our other useful links on wiki, such as:

Credits: Erickso (initial bootstrap design) & Znote AAC (engine)