BOOst POint system new
  • To check your amount of boost points, simply type !boostpoints,
  • Boost points are automatically added each time a monster is killed,
  • The amount of boost points received for killing a monster depends on its level of difficulty,
  • Boost points are automatically added for being online, even if you are not hunting any monsters in the moment,
  • To exchanged your points for any prize below, simply visit NPC Bellegar near Karmia depo, above NPC Iwan.
  • Boost points can be exchanged for the following prizes:
    Exp voucher (3k) - 30% more experience (duration: 1 hours)
    Loot voucher (6k) - double droprate (duration: 1 hours)
    Addons (1.5k) - try your luck and gamble your points for one of addons which are visible on the right side

Credits: Erickso (initial bootstrap design) & Znote AAC (engine)