Task System

Doing tasks in Party

  • Party member has to be above level 20,
  • Party member has to be on same floor as dying monster,
  • Monster has to be in player's reach (6sqm),
  • Player's level which killed monster must be lower or higher but not more than 50% of the party member level,
  • Receiving kill for monster is limited to 4 party members.

Repeating tasks

  • You can repeat tasks as many times as you like, but you will receive a reduced reward for each repetition.,
  • Each prize for repetition is divided by the number of repetitions.
Monster(s) Task Req. Level Req. Kills Rewards
RatCave RatSnakeBug
Karmia sewers 8+ 50 1k gp
3k exp
Trolls'n'Goblins 8+ 100 2k gp
3k exp
RotwormCarrion Worm
Rotworms 8+ 100 3k gp
3k exp
Skeletons'n'Ghouls 8+ 150 2k gp
6k exp
3x life ring
Amazons 8+ 100 4k gp
4k exp
Valkyries 15+ 100 4k gp
5k exp
Cyclops 15+ 100 5k gp
8k exp
Scarabs 15+ 150 6k gp
9k exp
10x scarab coin
Mummys 15+ 100 4k gp
8k exp
Crypt Shambler
Crypt Shamblers 15+ 100 5k gp
10k exp
Mammoths 15+ 100 4k gp
8k exp
Demon Skeleton
Demon Skeletons 20+ 100 5k gp
12k exp
guardian shield
Dwarf SoldierDwarf Guard
Dwarfs 20+ 150 5k gp
14k exp
10x iron ore
minotaurminotaur archerminotaur guard
Minotaurs 20+ 200 7k gp
7k exp
TortoiseThornback Tortoise
Tortoises 20+ 200 10k gp
10k exp
Ice Golem
Ice Golems 20+ 100 10k gp
14k exp
orcshamanorc berserkerorc leader
Orcs 25+ 100 15k gp
12k exp
Wyverns 25+ 100 15k gp
15k exp
Bone Beast
Bonebeasts 25+ 150 15k gp
20k exp
Vampires 25+ 200 15k gp
20k exp
Dragons 30+ 200 20k gp
35k exp
Necromancers 30+ 200 20k gp
30k exp
Ancient Scarab
Ancient Scarabs 30+ 200 20k gp
35k exp
Ice Witch
Ice Witches 30+ 200 20k gp
30k exp
Banshees 40+ 50 30k gp
20k exp
Bog Raider
Bog Raiders 40+ 200 40k gp
40k exp
Giant Spider
Giant Spiders 40+ 200 40k gp
45k exp
Crystal Spider
Crystal Spiders 40+ 200 40k gp
45k exp
Heroes 40+ 200 50k gp
60k exp
Black Knight
Black Knights 50+ 200 50k gp
80k exp
Dragon Lord
Dragon Lords 50+ 200 50k gp
80k exp
Wyrms 50+ 200 50k gp
80k exp
Nightmares 60+ 200 60k gp
80k exp
Hydras 60+ 200 60k gp
100k exp
Frost Dragon
Frost Dragons 60+ 200 60k gp
100k exp
Behemoths 70+ 200 70k gp
125k exp
Lost Soul
Lost Souls 70+ 100 70k gp
100k exp
Destroyers 70+ 100 70k gp
100k exp
Serpent Spawn
Serpent Spawns 80+ 200 80k gp
150k exp
Warlocks 80+ 200 80k gp
200k exp
Demons 100+ 300 100k gp
450k exp
Demon Island Access
Furies 120+ 500 150k gp
450k exp
Grim Reaper
Grim Reapers 120+ 500 150k gp
700k exp
Ghastly Dragon
Ghastly Dragons 120+ 500 150k gp
600k exp
Dark Torturer
Dark Torturers 120+ 500 150k gp
600k exp
Undead Dragon
Undead Dragons 120+ 500 200k gp
900k exp

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